6 Figure Freelancer Interviews

12 freelancers get real and share exactly how much money they make and what they did to get there.

An interview series with Katrina Cobb, talking openly with a dozen 6 figure earners about money, success, and what it takes to make this freelancing thing really work.

How much did they reveal?

  • How much they earn annually and monthly
  • How they package and price their services
  • How they get their best clients
  • The number of hours they work to earn 6 figures and how they manage their time
  • How they got started as a freelancer
  • Who their best client are
  • What systems and tools help them manage and grow their business
  • What they do when they experience Imposter Syndrome
  • Words of wisdom they wish they'd known in the beginning

And so much more!

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Have you ever wanted to learn the secret, behind-the-scenes details of how successful freelance businesses grow and thrive?

Wondered just how much money it's possible to make on your own as a creative freelancer?

I’ve had the chance to connect with more than a dozen amazing solopreneurs and business owners who started out as freelancers, and they were happy to share!

The result is a series of interviews with successful 6 figure freelancers talking openly about money, success, and what it takes to make this freelancing thing really work.

Hear from these successful 6 Figure Freelancers:

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Your Guide

Katrina Cobb
Katrina Cobb

3 years ago, I took my 11+ years of business development and coaching experience on the road to explore life as a digital nomad. Now I support freelancers, small businesses and aspiring nomads to build, grow, and streamline their business with a combination of both creative project support and business strategy and coaching.

A former architect, you can find me marveling at the buildings and doorways in old colonial cities in South America, or sipping a cappuccino in a quiet cafe somewhere in the world. More about me at katrinacobb.com, or follow my adventures on Instagram at @katrinacobb1.

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